Male Swimwear
Male Swimwear,
All about male swimwear, Daring designs and exciting extreme fashions
Male Swimwear

Mens swimwear, fetish spandex and more!

This site is dedicated to male swimwear and the new exciting swimwear designs that are now available for
the daring male.

Our male swimwear site will feature articles, stories, photos, links and much more about the following topics:

Male swimwear design history
Male swimwear bikinis
Male swimwear thongs
Male swimwear g-strings
Male swimwear pouch only designs
Sheer male swimwear designs
Fetish style male swimwear designs
Board short style swimwear designs
Daisy duke style swimwear male swimwear designs
Male swimwear designs that are created to enhance the size of your package
Male swimwear designs that create a male to female
completely flat feminine style front
Brazilian male swimwear designs

We will focus on the more extreme male swimwear designs, swimwear designs that are cutting edge and many that are way past over the edge.

This is a whole new world of male swimwear designs with the male body being shown off life never before.

All photos courtesy of
insane men’s extreme fetish, fun wear, men’s lingerie
and the finest in spandex swimwear.
All designs created by Michael David
For Koala
Male swimwear fashion

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